Praise and Prayer


1. For God’s blessing on the Women’s Fellowship last month – good message, good attendance and good fellowship!

2. For good response to a tutoring/mentoring program at YHBC for children that need help with their online classes, and for the opportunity to share the gospel with them.

3. Both of Youth Haven’s new shower houses are under roof and electrical work will begin soon.

4. Concrete and rock work have been completed in the outer swimming pool area, tile is being placed along the top edge of the pool and the inside will be refinished soon.

5. KMM staff members remain healthy and continue to minister to their church congregations.


1. For ongoing work on the new shower houses and swimming pool. Please continue to pray for God’s provision for each of these projects, as well as for volunteers to help (electricians especially needed).

2. For continued opportunities to minister to the youth of our community through the tutoring/mentoring program.

3. That KMM churches will be able to follow through with Thanksgiving and Christmas outreaches, unhindered by COVID restrictions.

4. For KMM’s need of additional full-time missionary staff members to serve in the camp, church and community outreaches. 

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