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1. A teenage boy was saved while attending the Spring Dental Clinic and 109 people received dental care.

2. In addition to counseling and care given at the Dental Clinic, volunteers helped with projects on the campgrounds and in the Mission office.

3. The KMM Board and Staff enjoyed a good retreat of prayer and worship the first weekend of March.

4. Contacts were made for seasonal and full-time workers at Moody Bible Institute’s Camp Fair.

5. We have a new volunteer from Climbers for Christ, helping with the children’s Climbing Club at the Rec Center.


1. There are two retreats for grade school children in April, and one more the first weekend of May. Please pray for God’s work in the hearts of the children that attend, for the speakers and for all of our junior and senior staff.

2. College students are yet needed to serve as counselors at Youth Haven this summer.

3. A manager and additional full-time staff are very much needed at the Lee County Recreational Center.

4. For additional full-time staff for all areas of KMM outreach.

5. For work being done to renovate the old shower houses and funds needed for this project.

6. For our KMM auditor as she was seriously injured in an accident several weeks ago.

7. For Ron and Katie Dodge, as this will be their first summer filling the role of Program Directors at Youth Haven.